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Following numerous years of committed volunteer work, the official inception of the SEN Charity Fund took place in October 2017, marking the commencement of our mission encapsulated by the slogan “Start a Journey of HOPE”. This fund originated as a heartfelt endeavor championed by the board of directors and employees of Microtec and OnePay. Our collective vision is that, through a diverse array of activities and programs, we can inspire benevolence and instill a sense of social responsibility within both organizations and individuals. Concurrently, our objective is to fortify the impact and capabilities of our fund.

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Completed Campaigns

Our mission is to enhance community capacity, social responsibility and love sharing through charity activities. We have successfully completed many projects including school renovations, bridge and infrastructure building, water well drilling, and initiatives to support communities in critical need.

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Latest news


Inauguration ceremony of Huoi Hao A school in Ang To Commune, Muong Ang District, Dien Bien – School Number 16

When we returned to visit Dien Bien, our emotions were still as exciting as the first time, but the joys of inaugurating a new school were mixed in….

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Inauguration Ceremony of Clean Water Well in Ma Ro Hamlet, Phuoc Thanh Commune, Bac Ai District, Ninh Thuan Province

 On August 10, 2023, the inauguration ceremony of the final clean water well in the “Spring Water for All” campaign, initiated by SEN Charity in April 2023, has…

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