Inauguration ceremony of Huoi Hao A school in Ang To Commune, Muong Ang District, Dien Bien – School Number 16

When we returned to visit Dien Bien, our emotions were still as exciting as the first time, but the joys of inaugurating a new school were mixed in. After 4 months of starting construction, the Huoi Hao A School building, Ang To commune, Muong Ang district, Dien Bien province was officially inaugurated and put into use. The school was built with 02 preschools and 01 elementary classrooms, 01 rest room, solar panels system and teaching equipment and a common playground. Total construction cost is 1 billion 420 million VND.


Huoi Hao A School after construction.

On October 14, 2023, the SEN Charity coordinated with the Ang To Commune government to organize an inauguration ceremony and officially hand over the Huoi Hao A school site project of Son Ca Kindergarten – Ban Bua Primary School.

Inauguration ceremony of Huoi Hao A school. 

Also at the inauguration ceremony, SEN gave each student a gift including school supplies, books, and backpacks,… and gave the school essential items such as noodles and instant food…

Giving gifts to kids

The completed project helps the school have better conditions to “teach well, learn well”, and students have conditions to study and play. The support of sponsors is the driving force and joy that encourages teachers and school students to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Performances to congratulate the school’s inauguration.

Far from Dien Bien, what remains in our hearts is the happy smile on the children’s lips, the “Xoe” and Cheraw dances of the Northwest, and the love that unites our fellow countrymen. With the new school, I wish the children to study well and people here a better life, looking forward to a bright future.

The great success of the project not only comes from the SEN Charity but also from the support of benefactors, the continuous favor from the school, local people and commune authorities. Through these projects, we expect that in the upcoming time, there will be more benefactors who can accompany us to build more educational development projects, contribute to the overall development of society and the country.